Holy snowstorm, Canada! I woke up to a Winter Wonderland. Christmas time is upon us! I’m starting to see Christmas cookies, cheesecakes, and all manner of desserts splayed across all my social media channels! It’s not easy to lay off the sugar during this time of year. This modestly sweet breakfast may help with your cravings!

Breakfast isn’t my favourite meal of the day. It’s the most skipped around here! But Sundays? Sunday’s are for brunching. Yesterday’s breakfast stars soft, and not-too-sweet cinnamon rolls without any white sugar! I ommited the usual icing for obvious reasons, but didn’t feel its absence! 


They taste like cinnamon swirl bread! Add some raisins, and you’ve got yourself a horse race. Personally, the configuration of these buns make them taste better! If you’re feeling a different kind of sweet bun, omit the maple syrup in the filling and layer on a thin spread of Nutella and chopped strawberries. (YUM, right?)

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December already?! This is crazy. With the year coming rapidly to an end, I’m gearing up for the busiest part of the semester – exams are imminent. This is no time to skimp on the brain food.

As I bravely battled the sniffles on a wintry evening, I knew what was needed; soup. Not the canned stuff, though. You’ll never go back after you learn how easy it is to make this creamy tomato and asiago bisque. In twenty minutes, you’ll be dining in style with a bowl of steaming, gourmet bisque with warmth spreading down to your toes. Enough said? No? Well keep reading, then! 

I strolled down the aisles of a beautiful little market with fresh Ontario grown fruits and vegetables. Despite never having a particular hankering for tomatoes in my life, I was drawn to these deliciously red, plump tomatoes. The only thing I like tomatoes in is soup or pasta sauce – and I generally take the lazy cook’s attitude with both by buying the good quality canned sauce/soup when I’m running low on time. Not this soup. Only the freshest ingredients for this one!

Am I a cheese snob? I don’t think so. I like shredded Tex Mex as much as the next person. Nacho cheese? Yes please! But there’s definitely a difference in taste and texture when you spring for the smellier, more expensive cheese. I went all out and bought a big ol’ wedge of asiago cheese. And boy, was it worth it! 


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This post is dedicated to Michael- king of the pretzels, giver of ideas, and love of my life!

I won’t be shy. I’m really proud of how these bagel-pretzel hybrids turned out. Aesthetically? A+. (In my humble opinion) Taste? A++. It’s soft and just so much better than grocery store bagels. Yesterday was a big day- anyone else freak out over the Netflix Gilmore Girls revival? (don’t worry, no spoilers) In between episodes, my stomach growled uncontrollably, and I realized why. The Gilmore Girls eat like there’s no tomorrow.

Hello, if you’re watching Gilmore Girls, here’s what you need:
1. Mountains of breakfast food and coffee. So, bagels, eggs, and turkey bacon are all a must.
2. Coffee in an IV
3. The ability to listen carefully as people talk really, really fast.    


So these bretzels; they take a little work, but you’ll have breakfast for days. You see that beautiful golden-brown shine? It’s due to the 1) Egg wash and 2) Baking Soda bath.

If you are a true connoisseur of freshly baked bread, you know that nothing compares to making it at home. The effort is well worth it. Bread is one thing I will happily eat without worrying about how many carbs I’m ingesting.

Some things in life are just worth the carbs.

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Why, hello there! It’s been a while. I apologize for my lengthy absence, but I was knocked down by a horrible flu last week! ‘Tis definitely the season to wrap yourself up, folks, Canada is getting frosty cold. 


American Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and I’ve put together a beautiful and simple dessert that will offer an alternative to the inevitable rich and sugary desserts that will also be present (pie). I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of pie (unless it’s pecan pie, but more on that, later). I’d opt for a lighter dessert like this blueberry-lemon ricotta cake.

After turkey and a 100 different sides, I usually find that dessert is the culprit; the one that you can’t resist, but also the one you’ll regret the next day. (Anyone else not like pie?) Not this dessert, though!

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With the impending holiday season, I figure we can’t have enough sides/snack/appetizer recipes! This recipe is particularly enticing- because who doesn’t love a crispy, golden spring roll? They’re always the first thing to disappear at parties.

You’ve guessed it; I’ve found a healthier version of our favourite appetizer. It’s baked, not fried, and infinitely healthier than takeout- I promise. It uses minimal oil, and a load of fresh ingredients.


I mean, just take a look at the colourful medley of fresh vegetables that make up the filling! Yum! To keep the veggie filling crispy even after stir-frying, keep the cabbage, carrots, and bean sprouts soaking in ice water for 15 minutes after chopping!

Tip: It helps to dance to Christmas music while making spring rolls. Now…I don’t want to say that it’s mandatory, but if you want the exact recipe – I’ve got to explain the whole process! Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to fold a spring roll like a pro, too!

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